Monster Trouble Gameplay

Monster Trouble is a tower defense videogame developed and originally published by Magic Dream Games for the iOS platform in February 2011. The game is implemented in high quality 3D using a cartoonish graphic style inspired to the fantasy genre. In a world populated by Goblins and Ogres, the country dwellers gather to defend their houses from a horde of monsters. The gameplay is rather original compared to most other strategy games, in Monster Trouble you must first build fortifications and then you must populate the buildings with different type of defenders in the most appropriate way. Depending upon the map, enemies are coming from one or more directions and you will be taken through nine different maps and thirty different levels alternating from day to night with three level of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.


Monster Trouble offers 10 types of towers, each with unique features. However, only three towers are available for any particular map. Towers are used to support defenders or just to slow down the enemies and may be placed almost anywhere on the field. A line of towers may be created to force the land enemies to go around them, creating more strategy. Tower alone are not very effective though, you must populate them by installing one or more defender on them. Villagers are used as defenders, there are five type of villagers each with a unique power but only three are available for any particular map.


In Monster Trouble, there are a total of nine maps you start with the first (Tomʼs farm) and unlock all the others as you progress through the game: Grannyʼs farm, The Mill, The crossroad, Gunterʼs hut, The circus, The dry river, The island, The village. In The River map monsters come all from a single spawning point and must travel a long way before they reach the target. In all the other maps monster come from two or more points and it take some strategy to stop them.


The idea of Monster Trouble begins to take place after the presentation of Appleʼs iPad in the spring 2010. The game design team of MDG, led by Marco Di Timoteo is given the task to produce a concept that is in tune with the potential of the new tablet. One of the first challanges was to decide how to interact with the game, the use of accelerometers was eventually ruled out since the tablet, ulike the iPhone is considerably larger and presents a greater inertia. It was decided that the game should be a new kind of strategy game and that all the gameplay should be based on the tap and drag technique. Eventually the accelerometers are used only to detect the position of the tablet and to set the screen orientation accordingly. After evaluating different concepts prevail at last the idea of creating a Tower Defense game but with a new kind of strategic twist. In spite of the fact that the graphic processor of the iPad is rather weak, the development team decides to im plement the game with a beautifull 3D graphics pushing to the limit the performances of the A4 processor. This is made possible thanks to the powerful game engine designed by Maurizio De Girolami the Deus ex machina of MDG. Thus was born the idea of the gameʼs setting, a magical world populated by Ogres and Goblins designed in bright colors and cartoonish style in order to dispel the idea of monsters. The characters of the game, monsters and villagers, becoms silly masks, all with the sole purpose of entertaining an audience of broad spectrum, from the six years old kid to the fifty.